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Singer-songwriter Nigel Egg is a British transplant based in Minnesota who tours internationally, performing over 150 dates per year. Nigel has been compared to a bluesy Paul Simon (but taller) - his music is a totally unique and modern sound  but reflects a music history that goes back to playing with legends like Supertramp and Mott The Hoople in the 1970s.

More recently, Nigel Egg has opened for David Bromberg, Geoff Muldaur, Richard Thompson and Leon Russell. His newest (2014) album, The Blues Is Personal, is receiving world-wide acclaim and radio play.


Every night is a different performance. In any particular set Nigel might give us a finger-picking blues followed by a searing love song, followed by a bawdy sing-along. The level of musicianship is astounding – soaring, passionate vocals, hot blues harp and string-shredding guitar. But it is the songs that stay with you. Nigel Egg is that rare songwriter whose songs connect the first time you hear them and then offer up new discoveries upon repeated listening. This guy is really the complete package!


Nigel says, “I write songs about the stuff I know/feel/sense personally, and also about what my friends and family tell me. I’m a middle class white guy - I never had a hellhound on my trail, and I've never worked on the killing floor. But what I do sing about is real, and that comes through in the performance. OK, sometimes it's made up, but that seems to come across too.”


Nigel Egg plays original folk, blues and Americana songs and a very personal collection of soulful American Roots music.  His songwriting and his ability to play soulful blues harp and guitar at the same time have won multiple awards from organizations like the Minnesota Folk Festival, the Austin (TX) Songwriters Group and the Telluride (CO) Blues and Brews festival.


Discography -

2014 “The Blues is Personal” (available from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes)

2010 “Big Bang Baby Boom” (available from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes)

2007 “11702 Main Street” (out of print)


People say -  

“These blues are for everyone… an album worth exploring!”  Roots Time (Holland)

“Egg draws from his own songwriting well and splashes you with unique hooks … he is determined to spearhead another Blues songwriting revival.” Blues Blast Magazine (USA)

 “He’s not only a great musician, he’s a great storyteller with such a colorful personality,” Jessica Paxton (DJ / booker)

“Tremendous singer-songwriter wowed the crowd… a great act, well worth seeing for yourself!”  Blue Monday Monthly

“A tremendous lyricist and songwriter who uses humor to tell meaningful stories about today's world” Doug Spike

“…takes blues to a new level with unique subject matter, gritty vocals, and melodies that won't leave you alone” Carl Unbehaun KSRQ

“…boom da da boom” B-man’s Blues Report


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"He's like a bluesy Paul Simon, but taller"

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