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"He's like a bluesy Paul Simon, but taller"



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Nigel Egg is a middle-class, middle-age Englishman who lives in Minneapolis USA with his wife and children. He pays on a mortgage, he drinks beer, he has an iPhone. That's what the liner notes from Nigel's latest CD “The Blues Is Personal”, say. Listen to the CD and you’ll also know he's a terrific vocalist, guitar and harmonica player. Listen to the ten originals out of the 12 songs and you know that Nigel Egg is also a tremendous lyricist and songwriter who uses humor to tell meaningful stories about today's world.  “The Blues Is Personal” is an acoustic album. Nigel goes solo on three of the cuts. His band – trumpet, trombone, clarinet and violin (!) as well as the more traditional guitar, piano, bass and drums - contributes on the remaining songs. Let's hope our governing agencies don't get any ideas don't from “Tax on the Blues” which is the best selection in my book. I’ve got to admit that “Imagining You  Naked” strikes awfully close to home, although I'm not alone as the lyrics tell me “Everybody does it”. How many musicians want to Jam Til the Day I Die”? ”

Doug Spike, Blue Monday Monthly

Nigel Egg takes blues to a new level with unique subject matter, gritty vocals, and melodies that won't leave you alone--an incomparable effort by a rising blues artist!”

Carl Unbehaun, KSRQ Radio

Bman’s Blues Report  Ramsgate Kent Music artist: Nigel Egg - The Blues Is Personal - New Release review I just received the newest release (July 1, 2014), The Blues Is Personal, from Nigel Egg. This is going to be a fairly different review that you are typically used to sweeing from me because it is quite frankly different than much of what I review. First I want to comment on the record art. The cover, which is presented here is very artsy,attention grabbing and thought provoking. A photo of Egg on the reverse shows Egg as a colorful fun loving guy. Opening with Back To The Blues the track Egg (vocal, harp and guitar) is joined by Bob Exstrand on guitar, Tom Lewis on bass, Greg Schutte on drums, Tony Balluff on clarinet, Steve Sandberg on trombone, Zack Lozier on trumpet, David Stenshoel on violin and Dale Peterson on piano. An easy going track is nicely complimented by a full accompaniment of Dixieland style instrumentation. On theBlues Is Personal, there is a light guitar solo which compliments an other wise simple pop track. On Imagining You Naked, a simple pleasant track is transformed to a vamp with the addition of a nod to The Stripper song (boom da da boom). The Truth of You And Me has simple folk characteristics and blues rudiments including some easy laid finger picking. occupy The Blues Museum has a real straight forward blues set up with a nice walking country blues guitar set up. I've Never Missed You More develops more into full pop track with keys and some cool harp. Hoo My My My! is a catchy track that could get good audience participation just based upon the playfulness of it's execution. My favorite track, Music Man, has strong ties to country blues and a particular similarity to work by Elizabeth Cotten. You Can't Have a Fan On digs a little deeper into the blues with a slower number with tasty guitar riffs and harp to boot. The release closes with Jam Til The Day I Die lays a pop track over a blues vamp. It is really an appropriate close to a different kind of release.”

Bman, Bman's Blues Report